Short WMC Summary

Elias Sinderson
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 08:05:01 -0800

Whoa. As many of you know, I spent the last week in Miami, soaking up 
the music and the sun at the Winter Music Conference. My god, was that a 
good time. If you're into electronic music I highly recommend going at 
least once in your lifetime (that is to say it ranks right up there with 
Burning Man in terms of a 'must do' activity). The conference itself 
holds little interest unless you're in the industry, but the events 
surrounding the conference are many (63 pages of 'em!) and varied. From 
exclusive afternoon pool-side sessions with world class artists and DJs 
to swanky club hopping until the morning hours with beautiful women who 
just want to be your 'plus one' so they can get in the club that turns
away the booked performers who aren't meeting the dress code.

Kevin G. described Miami as "A painted whore of a city that only looks 
good in the right light. . ." and I couldn't agree with him more. There 
are times when one is simply blown away by the amount of glamour and 
money around you - the expensive cars and the shiny buildings and the 
designer clothing and the oh-so-real jewelry and the international 
models everywhere you look and . . . then you begin to notice the 
amateur tattoos decorating the gangsters and the fake tits on their 
girls (but don't look too closely!) and the broken down 1-2 story studio 
apartments with bars on the windows left over from when South Beach was 
a slum and the homeless people sleeping on the steps of the banks . . . 
and then you're walking back in to one of the resort hotels with 
$750,000 motorcycles parked outside and being treated like royalty as 
you're escorted to a reserved table overlooking the patio with the likes 
of Puff Daddy and DeNiro and . . . you get the idea.

I have a few days of journal entries to share that I'll upload later 
this week, but for now I think you get the idea.

Rock on,