24 hour party people

Elias Sinderson FoRK <fork@xent.com>
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 08:09:17 -0800

Gah, thanks, my bad! Regardless of my fork pas, check out the film, it's 
quite enjoyable even if the narrative style is a bit grating at times. . 
.  :-)


P.S. Is this the first use of the phrase 'fork pas'? Google turned up 

Andy Armstrong wrote:

> Elias Sinderson wrote:
>> If you haven't yet seen it, check out the film 'All night party 
>> people', which examines the roots of electronic music/allnight dance 
>> culture. Very interesting piece of work. . .
> Not '24 Hour Party People'[1]? That explores the history of Factory 
> and the Hacienda.
> [1] http://uk.imdb.com/Title?0274309