[SPORK] Win WIN for the United States of Amerikkka

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:12:42 -0500 (EST)

Lots of talk about the backlash from the muslim world to the war wether we
win loose or draw...well gosh folks, lets put on our thinking caps.

If we win, then there will be a backlash....and the US powers that be will
HAVE to pass more patriot acts to secure the well being of the nation. Not
to mention boosting the spending on the Dept Of Home Land Scrutiny...We
also work out or fustrations at the govs who hindered us and try to
leverage that into more global market control (we are laying the ground
work for this sort of thing with russia and the legislative banishing of
all things french)

  So the Goverment gets more powers and more funding .... they win

If we draw, then there will be a backlash and the US powers will cry from
the streets that we NEED more security to protect us from the injust
backlash, thus more patriot acts, more spending for home land scrutiny and
now more ammo to go after any nation that hindered us as we will have a
"justified" greivence" against them for putting us in the mess.

  So the goverment gets more powers and more funding....they win

If we loose, oh by gosh by golly we need to reafrim our focus and build
back the glory of america. How? By giving the goverment the powers it
asked for to begin with and the liberal pinkos(insert name of scape goat
de jour) stoped them from getting. The nation becomes a focused internal
house cleansing act which comes off like Pol Pot meets Barney with Pepsi
sensabilities. The old Patriot acts look like the bill of rigths and trade
imbargos go up faster than viagrad peckers in a bath house when johnny dep
walks in wearing a towel.

  So the goverment gets more powers and more funding...they win

Now lets see.....if I were in the goverment , and I dont mean a gov
employee I mean someone with a ticket to the real dance (industrialist
lobbyists, the top power brookers, big cummity memebers, anyone named
Bush) I would be thinking there were  gravy days ahead.

Conspiracy or consequences?