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Elias Sinderson FoRK <fork@xent.com>
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 08:47:30 -0800

Tom wrote:

>[...] Garcia may have been a great guitar player , but listening to his music hides that fact. [..]
I'm a big fan of Jerry Garcias work, but think the Grateful Dead are, 
well, rather mediocre over all. The most salient aspects of their work 
is in the reinterpretation of music older than they are, and Robert 
Hunters lyrics (which will live longer than the Deads bootlegs). I'n my 
oppinion, Garcias greatest legacy to the musical world was the revival 
of acoustic music with the likes of Grisman, playing in groups like Old 
and in the Way. The Grisman release of Shady Grove after Garcias death 
is a testament to what music should be about, IMHO. Sure, Garcia was the 
lead guitar player for the Dead, and a pretty good one at that, but his 
real strength as a musician was on the banjo, where he played in the 
stratosphere with Bela Fleck and other truely gifted individuals. . .

Odd, two FoRKings of my eclectic musical tastes in one morning. Funny that.