24 hour party people

Tom tomwhore@slack.net
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 12:26:40 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Joseph S Barrera III wrote:

--]Tom wrote:
--]> as vampires feed
--]> I bleed" FB
--]Shouldn't the attrib be to the Pixies,
--]since FB and others hadn't split up yet?

true, but I usualy attrib to the writter of the lyrics and unless I have
blown the synpase I think FB did them up.

As to post pixies frank, well I know I should have kept up with him and
the cathloics but the tracks I heard refused to stick to my ears long
enough. I saw him in NYC once during the Teenager era but again, nothing

Maybe its time to reinsert that meme as I know from all pixie folks hsi
works solo stand up on thier own.

Flip side of this is Bob Mould whos post DU album Cooper Blue got worn
out in my cassete player

Other post group solos I should have paid more attention to but havent

Paul Westerberg - Got one cd but nada else. The Residents were the cooler
older brothers I never had. My older brother is cool, dont get me wrong,
but hes like Wagner  cool, teaching me Latin out of the Whellock book
cook, getting me comped  to Opera while he was working at the NYSOpera (im
sure if I went to London hed comp me to opera wher ehe works now) The
Replacements where drinking till I puked cool, hurting when a girl shoots
me down cool, flipping off the elders cause im young cool. All Shook Down
could be called a Paul Westerberg creation in the same way Final Cut is a
Roger Waters creation.

Jay Blumenfield and Tim Quirk - I hear Wonderlick is the logical follow up
to Too Much Joy, a band who for me was the late 80's early 90's.

Morrisey- yea he whines but man what he whines is great. I kept up with
him until Bonna Dragg and then nada. I have been hearing Smiths and early
Morisey floating out of radios in hip young stores in my neighborhood and
I realize, for these kids The Smiths are to them as the Beatles were to
me. (dont stretch happy fun analogy too far or harm will ensue)