Rights and fear.

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 13:27:18 -0600

On Tuesday, Mar 25, 2003, at 13:05 US/Central, James Rogers wrote:

> Real people living in
> the real world *need* fear.  Fear is the motivator that causes all the 
> most
> fundamental problems to be addressed.

It's been said that the two basic motivators are greed and fear.  Some 
have said that greed is usually though not always productive while fear 
is usually though not always unproductive.

Similarities?  Differences?  What is greed?  What is fear?  Which 
generates more motivation?

Please discuss.  For once, James, I think you're locked onto a valid 
point, though perhaps approaching it circuitously. ;-) :-)

Gene:  given the full spectrum of existential risk (including, for 
example, vacuum state collapse) do you really think the universe agrees 
with your point?  Is it possible for any thinking being, fully aware of 
his circumstances, to be free from "fear"?