Faith and TV dinners (was: DETOUR)

Tue, 25 Mar 2003 19:03:59 -0800

I've always asserted that I ought to read the thing, once.  After that
I'll try the Koran.

The Pastor has wanted me in this class before (it takes two years).  My
wife assured him that in fact he _did not_ want me in the class.

It has actually been quite interesting, and it is the historical world
that I am most interested in.  The Pastor is a scholar [and a civil war
buff] and no true literal interpretation fundamentalist would be happy
in the class.

That being said, I've been distracted lately and haven't hit him with
nearly as many rude questions lately.  (You thought I was giving him an
easy time?)  I'm just dying to introduce the Marcionite Heresy, but we
are only up to Jeremiah right now.

So if you want to suggest lines of attack for rude questions be my

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> Russell Turpin

> >I _am_ 1/4 through a guided reading program that covers the Bible.
> If it's like most religious programs, you
> won't learn much about the Bible or the history
> behind it.