Relatively absolute, II (was: Atheists and freedom of speech)

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so only those who can afford a crack atty to get their sentences reduced
should be allowed to vote?  "felony" is not a fixed point on a universal
continuum - "pass here and lose your voting priveleges" - it's judgement
passed with huge margin of error, state by state, county by county.

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> Only men and women should marry.
> Felons shouldn't vote.
> Only licensed physicians should practice medicine.
> Only the citizens of a nation
> should vote in its elections. Jews should
> have the right to immigrate to Israel. Etc.

I don't think any of those examples are very good.

Marriage rules against miscregation might be a good example.  The one
you picked applies to all men and all women.

Felons not voting is unambiguously a universal rule: Do X you can no
longer do Y.  Medicine: You must do X in order to do Y.

The final one might be a better one, but the exact definition and time
period you are talking about is probably critical.  Do you mean to
object to a nation controlling its immigration policy, or to a colonial
power trying to exclude people based on their ethnic group from a colony
/ protectorate?