[SPORK] Something I REALLY want John Hall to Try To Understand

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:31:25 -0600

On Wednesday, Mar 26, 2003, at 13:10 US/Central, James Rogers wrote:

> A couple points:
> - While we could have manufactured an overthrow of the regime early 
> on, by
> the time it was convenient to do so the opportunity to do it had mostly
> passed.  In other words, we waited too long.

This is inaccurate / bad analysis.  We supposedly had CIA and special 
forces folks in place in Mosul collaborating w/ a top Ba'ath party 
official as recently as 2000, then there was a lag, and we've had folks 
in place there again since late last year.  The opportunities have been 
numerous and even recent.  To be fair, though most of the "pull the 
plug" decisions have been made by us, in a few cases the insiders got 
cold feet.

> And we waited because we were
> using Saddam for other geopolitical purposes.

This is true.  Remember that.  We are *still* using Saddam for 
geopolitical purposes.

> - The US may have an official "no assassination" policy, but we never
> stopped doing it.  It was essentially a PR move as far as I can tell.

In fact, we've initiated and pulled the plug on many assassination ops 
over the last 30 years.  We've been incredibly schizophrenic about this.