Mr. FoRK.

Mr. FoRK
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:12:58 -0800

Who? A friend of Rohit Khare.
Where? A few miles from John Hall actually - a friend of my son lives
probably a block or two away from him...
What? I'm a technical project manager at a small bookstore in Seattle. But I
enjoy writing software and thinking about internet based messaging.
Why? No particular reason. Sort of keeping my name out of obvious googling.
I didn't want to go to the effort of well reasoned and well written messages
that will last forever, so I thought I'd keep my drivel/tripe more or less

A cypher? Huh, that's cool... one of the first books I read that turned me
on to computing was 'codebreakers' - being compared to a cipher is a
compliment of sorts.

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> Mr. FoRK-san,
> Who are you, anyway?
> Like, what's your name and where do
> you live and what do you do?
> Most of the people on this list pour
> a fair amount of themselves out here.
> But you remain a cypher. Why?
> - Joe