Jeff, Elias, Please Clarify (was Re: [SPORK] Something I REALLY want John Hall to Try To Understand)

Jeff Bone
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 23:27:05 -0600

Clarification #3:

On Wednesday, Mar 26, 2003, at 17:33 US/Central, S. Alexander Jacobson 

> 3. Making the Case
> Since you apppear to believe that the actual
> action is moral, you account for the failure of
> other countries to support as a failure by this
> administration to "make the case."

twisty chain of entailment, here:

> You believe
> that the leadership of France, Germany, Russia,
> and China just have less information than you do
> about the situation in Iraq and if they were as
> informed as you are, they would come around and
> support regime change.

That is, IMHO:  (a) I think regime change is a gross good, but worry 
that it is not a net good done this way at this time.  (b)  I'm not 
sure why my opinion on regime change in principle matters;  rather I'm 
concerned about pragmatics and observable causes / forecastable 
effects.  I think most of the arguments on this from moral grounds, in 
either direction, are not really useful and are mostly full of shit.  
(c)  I do believe we've failed to make the case.  (d)  I think France, 
Germany, Russia, China, and in general the rest of the 3/4 of the 
world's nations that have not signed onto our "Press Release of the 
Willing" are generally better informed than I am, and that they've come 
to the same conclusions I have with even better reasons for doing so.