Good news: I'll be beyond the reach of the internet for a while

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 03:29:51 -0800

Elias Sinderson wrote:

> a) I've literally met quite a few FoRKs, not a majority, but quite a few.

In the middle of a nice comfy GIS conference
in Palm Springs, I changed directions, hopped a last
minute puddle jumper to Phoenix and hung out in the
hallway as the Fairmont Princess Desert Resort
all for a half an hour meeting before puddle
jumping back to Palm Springs.  There were a few
FoRKer's there, but I didn't have time to look
for them--last time I tried to send in double
travel reimbursements I got a lot of crap about
being in two places at the same time--so my
best strategy was to try and be invisible.

PC Forum was much more lightly attended, but not
because of the usual suspects, but because all
the VCs were conspicuously absent.  

They should have a hot or not site for
VCs ranking new tech companies.  I think I'm
going to do that for my stupid idea of the