on the progress of war in Iraq (fwd)

Jeff Bone
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:54:04 -0600

On Thursday, Mar 27, 2003, at 13:16 US/Central, James Rogers wrote:

> And just as a general note, anybody in the media or otherwise who 
> thinks
> UK/US forces have been "delayed" or "slowed down" in any strategic 
> sense is
> mad and needs to be severely beaten with a cluestick.

Except for the fact that the gov't hawks --- NOTE, not the generals, 
they've got clue --- did indeed advance a timeline which we *are* now 
behind on.  Rummy says "the war is proceeding exactly as planned."  My 
ass --- it's not even proceeding according to the plan he was selling 
to the media talking heads two weeks ago.  Publicly, sure, he's been 
unwilling to set specific duration expectations all along.  But when 
the top CNN anchor says "top DoD officials expect..." --- where do you 
think they got that information?  Do you really think they'd have an 
ongoing career if they made that kind of stuff up?

Let's be careful not to rewrite such recent history just to try to 
cover over the continuing credibility loss of this administration.  It 
doesn't do the trick, and indeed just accelerates the trend.  (OTOH, 
now that I think of it --- go ahead.  Accelerate the trend. Tell us 
again how wonderful and smart and wise and beneficial these jackals 
are... ;-)

If I were Franks I'd be on the first transport back to the states to 
beat Rumsfeld over the head with a cluestick;  it seems relatively 
clear to me that the original war plan --- even given contingencies --- 
has been mostly shredded by direction from above.  We're making far too 
many opportunistic moves here for this to be the original plan.