on the progress of war in Iraq (fwd)

James Rogers
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:03:09 -0800

From: Tom [] 
> Anybody in the media or otherwise who thinks US/UK forces 
> have lived up to thier own prewar hype ("Shock and Awe", 
> "Swift") in any strategic sense is mad and needs to be 
> severely beaten with a cluestick...and the words of the 
> prewar armed forces hype machine.

Actually, "swift" is a correct adjective for this war so far.  I give the
military a pass on the "Shock and Awe" (a *stupid* sounding name) because
that was probably a propaganda tool designed for Iraqi consumption.  The US
military feeds the media all sorts of stuff and the talking heads lap it up
and broadcast it worldwide.  When the military makes pronouncements I
understand it, because it is typically an extremely measured statement that
was engineered for a particular effect for the campaign at hand.

I don't give the government (as independent of the military) a pass on
anything they say, although I understand when the government is using the
media for diplomatic leverage.

> Oh dont it just suck to have a memory beyond the last Ari 
> Fliescher soundbyte?

Yeah, but sadly the government is just pandering to a media (and their
audiences)that loves this stuff. Feh.

-James Rogers