on the progress of war in Iraq (fwd)

James Rogers
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:18:33 -0800

From: []=20
> However, I do find it interesting their discussion of the=20
> long, thin supply line across the desert; that seems very risky IMO.

It would seem so, but I would trust the judgment of CENTCOM on this.  =
thing that is apparent is that the Iraqi resistance is really incapable =
effectively engaging any of our motor units.  Even the light units seem =
be able to effectively suppress any attacks long enough for one of the
orbiting air support units to hammer the attackers.  The only way the =
would be able to effectively attack our supply lines is if they managed =
muster a substantially heavier assault force for this purpose than they =
actually been using.  It appears to be the opinion of CENTCOM that the
Iraqis are essentially incapable of mustering this type of force, most
likely because our surveillance capabilities can see any Iraqi forces
capable of being a real threat long before they attack and neutralize =

-James Rogers