Military "swift"

Russell Turpin
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 21:22:29 +0000

James Rogers:
>The pedestrian/media definition of "swift" is the amount of time from the 
>start of a campaign until the end.  Basically an absolute measure of time. 
>The military definition of "swift" is the amount of objectives completed 
>per unit time, which is only loosely related to the absolute time of a 
>campaign. .. Because nobody can predict the battlefield, the sequence of 
>objectives that need to be achieved to complete
>a campaign is very variable.

Isn't this the same tension between  management
and customers on the one hand, and development on
the other?

"You said it would ship in March!"

"But look at all the milestones we have
accomplished, and the new ones that weren't
even there when we last spoke .."

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