Re[2]: Military "swift"
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 18:50:06 -0500

T> --]Just another example that the people reporting/analyzing the news don't know
T> --]what the hell they are talking about more often than not.  What is scary is
T> --]how many people haven't figured this out.

T> Whats scary is listening to you spin this crap.

T> The media are boobs, yes. the military come off as the Boobs of boobs in
T> that they feed the media the shit in the first place.

T> Whos is more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows.

T> Now be a good little sheep and eat down that grass patch over there.

Oh comeon Tom.  This is information warfare.  ITs very intentional,
and letting the propagandists off as boobs just downplays the effect
and damage that this kind of tactic causes.  No, these guys are
entirely too smart, and thats the really scary thing.

I thought this was enlightening w/r/t the subject:
   PR Week reports that the Bush administration has a launched a global
   PR network to not only "disseminate, but also to dominate news of
   the conflict around the world."

So basically, Bush n'Co. want to control the media -- nothing new,
except that they're trying to take this to even a more global scale
than in wars/administrations past.   Its very clearly being
accomplished -- the military is strictly limiting the ability of
reporters to report the news -- instead, offering up only the good PR
puffery that they want you to see (this isn't new*), and when news
does escape, the Administration screams Geneva Convention violations
and prevents the domestic media from airing the bits.

*  I highly reccomend 'Information Warfare, by Dorothy Denning.  Its a
good read, and while it deals with GW1, it has some serious
applicability to this current action.

I've given up on the broadcast media -- Even the BBC and NPR have
become polluted with rhetoric and refuse to concern themselves with
news that accurately shows whats going on.  I put my hope in the
alternative sites, things like (which actually bothers to
show the POW footage that the administration is screaming about, and

Best regards,