Military "swift"

James Rogers
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 15:55:33 -0800

> You don't think that it's even a little bit "reasonable" to=20
> assume that=20
> when military spokesmen say "swift" that they might've meant=20
> something=20
> like "ground war no longer than the first one?"

The Gulf War was six weeks, and with simpler, smaller objectives.  In =
war, they used a campaign strategy that was appropriate to their =
The objectives of this war are substantially different and would not =
benefited nearly as much from six weeks of non-stop bombing before =
in ground troops.

As for the ground war specifically:

I would point out that, with fewer soldiers and without six weeks of
bombing, the US has managed to recapture all the territory they took in =
Gulf War in the same amount of time or less.  If you compare apples to
apples, they've done more with less in this war.  If you thought the =
War was "swift", then I don't know how you could reasonably consider the
Iraq War to not be moving at least as=20

-James Rogers