[SPORK] Operation Piss Off The Planet...

Jeff Bone jbone@deepfile.com
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 00:37:24 -0600

....is proceeding exactly according to plan.  Two snips:


Quite the opposite of the expectation of Iraqi refugees pouring *out* 
of Iraq, FOX News (know thy enemy) is reporting that busloads of Iraqi 
ex-pats living in Jordan are *returning* to Iraq to fight for Iraq.  No 
question:  Jordan's one of the most pro-Western nations in the region, 
and the  sentiment on the street there is strongly anti-U.S. and 
pro-Saddam.  Saddam is winning the credibility and legitimacy war;  we 
were an also-ran even before we started, and we just keep making the 
problem worse.


Also, not content to piss off everybody else, now we're working on our 
best friend and ally in this:


> Anger over US plans for port
> BRITISH military commanders are resisting a US plan for the captured 
> cargo port of Umm Qasr to be operated by an independent company based 
> in Seattle.
> The UK troops who secured the port earlier this week are arguing that 
> the task should go to Iraqis instead - and have already lined up a 
> former Iraqi army colonel for the job.

...but of course we aren't going to give up the opportunity to toss 
business at a crony company / major GOP campaign contributor.