[FoRK] Re[2]: AA Meetings the Hottest Place to Meet Women With BigBucks

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And the ever popular...

Or bring a baby,
Provided you do not own,
Women come, at baby's cry.

GS> less obscure haiku 

GS> buy a puppy, ro!
GS> they are chick magnets. master
GS> ventriloquism.

GS> gg

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GS> --]AA Meetings the Hottest Place to Meet Women With Big Bucks

GS> And, as always, you can take a page out of Fight Club and start showing up
GS> at all sorts of support groups. Look what it did for Marla and Jack...

GS> "JACK You can't have *both* parasites. You take blood parasites and --
GS> MARLA I want brain parasites.
GS> She opens another dryer and does the same thing again. PG 19
GS> JACK Okay. I'll take blood parasites and I'll take organic brain dementia
GS> and --
GS> MARLA I want that.
GS> JACK You can't have the whole brain!
GS> MARLA So far, you have four and I have two!
GS> JACK Well, then, take blood  parasites. Now, we each have three.
GS> MARLA So, we each have three -- that's six. What  about the seventh day? I
GS> want ascending bowel cancer.
GS> JACK *I* want ascending bowel cancer.
GS> MARLA That's your favorite, too? Tried to slip it by me, huh?
GS> JACK We'll split it. You get it the first and third Sunday of the month.
GS> MARLA Deal."

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