Return to the River Kwai & Betrayal

Jeff Bone jbone at
Wed Jul 30 23:57:51 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Jul 30, 2003, at 22:44 US/Central, Joseph S. Barrera III 

> Jeff,
> I don't think I realized how upset you were about the FoJB list.

I'm not upset about it at all, and I think shutting it down is a 
mistake.  It was my fervent hope that those of you who've taken up 
JB-tilting could have your little say over there and leave the FoRK 
signal-to-noise --- such as it is --- alone.

Look, Joe.  You may not like the bits I provide, but for the most part 
I do try to provide bits, a modicum of analysis, and the occasional bit 
of smart-ass humor.  Like anybody, I've got my buttons, and they get 
pushed with a greater frequency than I'd like --- but I honestly do 
make a concerted effort to provide bits.  You constantly bemoan the StN 
problems here.  Well, you and various other folks can *help* me improve 
that --- just lay off my buttons for a while, I mean I'm sure making me 
twitch and jerk is amazingly satisfying, but really.  Put your money 
where your mouth is.

> I thought this morning we had decided to take jokes as jokes.

Indeed.  And in isolation, no problem.  But enough's enough, okay?


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