Mobs, meetups, and UGs oh my...

James Rogers jamesr at
Thu Jul 31 00:29:00 PDT 2003

On 7/30/03 10:52 PM, "Adam L Beberg" <beberg at> wrote:
> The people at mobs and meetups and things are all... omegas... none of
> them give off those "Fit DNA Inside"(TM) signals that make you want to
> be near them. If I'm gonna go through the hassle of going somewhere, I
> should at least be able to look at some hot babes for my trouble right?

Apparently you've missed the regular meetings where every geek has a
physique like a Greek God, occasionally stopping in mid-sentence to strike a
vaguely homo-erotic pose.  Where the women outnumber the men by at least
20%, their lithe bodies exuding a dangerous confidence through thin vinyl
that any otaku would recognize.  Of course, since everyone has 200+ IQs and
enough money to buy a small African country, it is like Soviet Russia:  You
don't look for the hot babes, the hot babes look for YOU.

The invitation mailing with the time and location goes out every month, and
I've never failed to get mine.  You never have to worry about the Post when
the Alpha Geeks run the Illuminati.  Surely an Alpha Geek such as yourself
is on The Mailing List, since *everyone* who matters is on it.

You mean you aren't?

Oh.  Forget I mentioned it.

So were *are* those WMDs?

-James Rogers
 jamesr at

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