Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Mon Aug 11 17:53:53 PDT 2003

Dr. Robert J. Harley writes:
> Apparently 50 people or so have died around Paris due to heat-related
> causes.  I just got back from a holiday to Inis Mór in the Aran
> islands off the west coast of Ireland, chosen instead of Andalucía for
> the cool temperatures.  It was a comfortable 29 or so on Inis Mór, but
> a radio report said it reached 53 (that's 127 farenheit) in Spain!

Yeah apparently Seville was *the hottest place on the planet* at one
stage last week -- a dubious honour.

47 is horrific enough.  I wandered around bits of northern India in that
kind of heat last year, and that required an awful lot of sitting in the
shade, moving very small distances at a time, and taking cold showers.
Thankfully some local kiosk owners had come up with the innovation
of selling totally-frozen water bottles -- ice-cold drinking water all
day.  A great innovation!

Totally the right idea going to Inis Mór BTW... catch it while it's nice,
rather than chilly wind and pissing rain, like it is for the rest of the
year ;)


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