im Himmel gibt's kein Bier

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southern fladedah is caribe, not mex.  gulfside louisiana is vietnamese, not
mex.  interior south carolina is mex.

mode de la migration?  boats = florida, louisiana?  trucks = california,
texas, carolinas?

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Adam L Beberg wrote:

> California on the other hand is just millions and millions of Mexicans.

And lots of Asians! (which is great :-)

Our neighborhood is about 50% Filipino, 20% Chinese, and 30%
a real mix of everyone else.

> Same with florida. It's not an immigration wave, it's a movement of the
> Mexican border northwards and for all practical purposes you ARE in
> must speak Spanish to get around, plenty of sub-minimum wage jobs, etc.

But the kids learn English. That's always the way.
How many immigrant desendents do we have that
only speak German or Polish?

> Now, since people seem to take things the wrong way around here,

Hey! I resent that! :-)

> I don't have anything against Mexicans, I have something against ANYONE
> moves to a country and doesn't learn the native language, and who just
> sneaks into that country for that matter.

It's a bit unfair that some nationalities have a lot easier time
moving here (legally or mostly illegally) than others. On the
other hand, the illegals pay their dues by doing really shit work
for very little compensation.

California agriculture would probably grind to a halt
if we really kept illegals out.

BTW, I'm just talking out of my ass here -- I don't
really know the statistics. Maybe someone else here does.

> California's real solution to its mess it so just split into 2 states, and
> let the southern part join Mexico.

I wouldn't mind losing LA :-) but I'd like to keep San Diego.

- Joe

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