im Himmel gibt's kein Bier

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Tue Aug 12 13:26:23 PDT 2003

Geege writes:
>southern fladedah is caribe, not mex. gulfside louisiana is vietnamese, not

Texas gets a mix of immigrants. Vietnamese
fishermen to Rockport and other gulf towns.
But most recent immigrants to the larger
cities have come from California. They try
to assimilate, but one summer day on the
gulf coast, and they're bitching about the
heat, humidity, and mosquitos.

Obviously, people migrate to Texas from
Mexico. But the vast majority of hispanics
here have roots as deep or deeper than
their anglo neighbors. After all, Texas
was part of Mexico until the revolution.
The natives were the Karankawa and Tonkawa.
Even the Commanche was an immigrant. ;-)

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