Friendster Upsell Re: Invitation to join Friendster from Tom Higgins

Gordon Mohr gojomo at
Fri Aug 15 01:36:41 PDT 2003

Adam Beberg writes:
> On Thursday, August 14, 2003, at 10:18  PM, Gordon Mohr wrote:
> > <essay>
> > That's how I'd do it!
> Well, we sure know who the hardcore dating site user is now don't we ;)

Actually, never used a paid site, only dabbled with free sites
intermittently years ago. 

But I tend to pay close attention to which online businesses and
communities work, and which don't, and why. 

> I think you're overthinking this WAY WAY WAY too much.

This not thinking about things very much, it's working well 
for you? 

If you had to pick one bit of advice to give the world from
your experience, would it be a generic "adopt a defeatist
attitude"? Or the more specific, "don't think about anything
very much"? 

> I already know who my friends are. And since time is a zero-sum game, 
> to add more I have to remove some. Why would I want that?

Well, as you've loudly complained here that all your friends 
are too much like you to link you to anyone interesting, 
and couldn't deliver any good job leads, would it be so bad 
for you to consider broadening your "friend time allocations"
a bit?

> Now, what these sites are for is to find people you don't already know, 
> compatible enough with to have sex with. So why pretend they are 
> anything else?

For some people, that's what these sites are for, and there's 
nothing wrong with that. For other people, these sites provide 
other benefits. 

Many people would be willing to pay for some of those benefits, 
so how best to convert them into happy customers is an 
interesting question.

- Gordon

P.S.: As I write this, Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams is about 
to appear on tonight's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC. 

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