Three new members

Joseph S. Barrera III joebar at
Mon Aug 18 09:04:45 PDT 2003

As of this morning we have three new members:

     radekz at Sun Aug 17 10:35:51 2003
     outlawpoet at (Corwin) Sun Aug 17 12:37:41 2003
     group10tt at (david clarke) Sun Aug 17 18:19:24 2003

New members: feel free to introduce yourselves!

Old members: please welcome our new members.

(I know, I don't usually do this, but I should.
And I don't usually see three new subscriptions in one go.)

- Joe
And I picked on the whims of a thousand or more
Still pursuing the path that's been buried for years
All the dead wood from jungles, and cities on fire
Can't replace or relate, can't release or repair
Take my hand and I'll show you what was and will be.

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