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Tom tomwhore at
Mon Aug 18 15:18:53 PDT 2003

BootableOS's..From Mame, to Maps to Netcasting

Over the last few months the growth of the BootableOS has tickled me
silly..silly I tell you. In the old days if you wanted to run Linux on a
computer that already had Winblows or another such OS on it you had to
slog thru installs, partioning your hard dirves and then the constant
fight over who boots first. With the BootableOS all that changes.
You simply put a BootableOS CD into your CD drive, reboot your computer
and the new OS loads form the CD to your memory, all without touching your
harddrives, messing with any existing OS , or casuing you pain.

The best of general use BootableOS is Knoppix[1]. Knoppix has spawned a
plethora of customized versions ranging from games specific to GIS centric
to various language focused.

In my searching for the best of these variations I have found Dynebolic[2]
which touts this goodie....

"MUSE will allow you to stream almost anything that can be defined as
sound over the internet. You can mix up to six simultaneous sound inputs
of your machine (say microphone, line-in, some mp3s, and a couple of other
incoming streams) into one stream and send it out to the rest of the world
to listen to your show. All with the click of a mouse, no complicated
hardware to tune, no expensive software to buy, just burn a [dyne:bolic]
CD and reboot your machine."

Dynebolic has a damn interesting feel to it. Its very very complete for
what it does. Its ease of use, the gui and its help screen are down right
useful. This is a distro to keep your eyes on.


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