Giant spectrum poster for the masses

Tom tomwhore at
Mon Aug 18 19:45:22 PDT 2003

Its a wall chart, its poltical awarness, its fun with scisors, its all
taht and more...


 The New America Foundation has produced an enormous, informative poster
explaining the public interest in spectrum allocation, and the possible
outcomes of the recommendations of the FCC's Spectrum Policy Task Force.
The SPTF's report was, I think, very good -- better than the New America
Foundation would have it anyway. Though I personally think that New
America is right to indetify the potential problems associated with
granting a windfall to entrenched corporate interests by allowing property
rights in spectrum, the critical isssue that the SPTF addressed was
whether spectrum serves the public interest better when in the hands of
exclusiveusers or when in the public arena. This is a pretty radical
notion, and no matter whether the FCC turns spectrum over for use in
common or for unregulated use to "owners" or long-term leaseholders, the
fact that it's willing to concede that shared, "dumb" spectrum that is
navigated by smart devices is superior to exclusive-use spectrum is


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