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Tue Aug 19 02:03:22 PDT 2003

>>     outlawpoet at (Corwin) Sun Aug 17 12:37:41 2003
>Justin Corwin, singularity crossover, sourceforge Python developer
>and pet AI/CogSci hacker with a flaky ISDN line with a hotmail
>alias: thesweetestdream at  Founding member of
>the APWDTTSMP (Association of people who discuss things
>that scare most poeple), Gibson reader.

Well, praise Google and the Internet, I was dreading actually having to introduce myself. Most of the above is true, except it's not a ISDN line, it's a wireless Sprint internet connection. (though it is flaky). 

I'm here as a crossover from Extropians( and SL4(, because of a guy named Eugene Leitl. He mentioned this list once or twice in the few times I've been priviliged to talk to him. And I respect him a lot, even if he is known as the Dark Prince of UltraDarwinism over on sl4. 

Anyway, I'm here, and I'm hoping this will be a cool mailing list to be a member of. Thanks for the quick welcome. 

Justin Corwin
outlawpoet at

"Dealing with incompetent programmers is an organizational problem, not a language design problem."
	--Steven Taschuk<comp.lang.python>

"...ironically, perhaps, the best organised dissenters in the world today are anarchists, who are busily undermining capitalism while the rest of the left is still trying to form committees."
--Jeremy Hardy, /The Guardian/ (UK)

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