Sobig Effect

Dr. Robert J. Harley harley at
Thu Aug 21 00:20:18 PDT 2003

Jeffrey Kay wrote:
>Just in case anyone's interested --
>Over the last 24 hours, I got hit with around 56 messages per hour
>containing the Sobig virus.

I'm certainly interested in people's experience with spam, virii etc.

Personally, I have never been hit with a virus.  Stuff like MSBlaster
just registers as a spike of DENYals on tcp/135 at the firewall.

I got something like 6 Sobig virii and 3 bounces (from my email
address being forged by it) in the last 24 hours, auto-tossed into the
spam bin by mail filters.

IMO, nuking these painlessly for the non-tech user is one of the most
obvious low-hanging wealth-creation opportunities available for
entrepreneurs today.


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