Sobig Effect

Jeffrey Kay jeff at
Wed Aug 20 18:56:06 PDT 2003

Probably true.  This one hurt me more than many others mostly because it
scanned the web cache for e-mail addresses. is a pretty
heavily visited web site (for many reasons) and I'm sure it was sitting
in the web cache of some one who did have not virus protection

In the case of my system, I ended up putting in a procmail hack to fix
the problem.  It's still consuming bandwidth, but at least it's not
going into my e-mail clients.

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> Jeffrey Kay wrote:
> >Just in case anyone's interested --
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> >Over the last 24 hours, I got hit with around 56 messages per hour
> >containing the Sobig virus.
> I'm certainly interested in people's experience with spam, virii etc.
> Personally, I have never been hit with a virus.  Stuff like MSBlaster
> just registers as a spike of DENYals on tcp/135 at the firewall.
> I got something like 6 Sobig virii and 3 bounces (from my email
> address being forged by it) in the last 24 hours, auto-tossed into the
> spam bin by mail filters.
> IMO, nuking these painlessly for the non-tech user is one of the most
> obvious low-hanging wealth-creation opportunities available for
> entrepreneurs today.
> R
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