The Palm is Mighter than the Sword

Tom tomwhore at
Wed Aug 20 19:47:44 PDT 2003

So the day came and so far as I could tell I was the only person; mob of
one. It was a hoot though. I had a stack of PTP flyers, my DV cam , my
palm tungsten C and the nearby PTP node to use for net access.

Some thoughts.

1) The Palm Tungsten C is an amazingly handy device for this sort of
thing. The set up I have is still not exaclty what I want, but for now it
works ok. Its a minigargoyle.

- I have a DV cam that also takes stills (a built in  1.3 gpixle digi cam)
onto a SD memory card and thats  why it works well with the Tungsten C.

-I snap some pics via the DV on to the SD card. snap snap. When I get a
load of pics for publishing I pop the sd card out of the DV cam and pop it
into the Tungsten C's SD slot. (If I ever get the velocam for the palm I
can do away with the SD card swapping step as the velocam is an SD slot
device that goes right into the palm itself. No fuss no muss)

-I connect to a PTP node.

-I use VFSftp[1] to conncet to an ftp directory and move the pics from
the SD on the to the ftp directory. This directory is readable by the
httpd server. The neat thing about VFSftp, had I wanted to cobble up a
web page to show these pics other than just dumping them under my gallery
directories, I could use the palms Memo app to write the html and then ftp
it over, vfsftp has options to allow you to change the extensions on files
and the like.



-I had planned on doing some voicebloggin from the spot but I have
misplaced my mic/headset. The Tungsten C has a less than common 3 band
2.5mm (I think) jack that none but one or two cell phone headsets will
work with.  Had it been more standard I could have picked one up at the
nearby shops.

2) Pioneer Court House Square is stuffed with folks passing stuff out and
preaching. If the PSC corp is at all antsy about being connected to folks
doing this type of stuff on thier lands they have an very lax enforcement

3) For some reason my connection to the PCSa node was flaking. At first I
thought it was where I was standing, then I moved about some. I got one or
two pictures up but the rest all got clipped at about the 60k mark. When I
was over at the CoffePlant 30 mins latter I did not have the problem. I
never had any problems with the PCSa node so maybe it was just murphy
pulling me for a loop.

4) People are nice in Portland. Back in NYC, where I was born and rasied,
folks would have tossed me a ton more attitude. Only one fella threw me
anything above a slightly wary look. Most folks were cool when approached,
3 or 4 actulay showed interest. Thats more than I thought I would get.

5) I had a blast. The weather was nice, the people were pleasant and the
tech mostly worked out. I look forward to more of these.


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