SCO completely off their rocker

Joe Barrera joebear at
Fri Aug 22 10:49:13 PDT 2003

Dr. Robert J. Harley wrote:
> I admit everyting!  I am in the pay of IBM!  So are fellow partners in 
> crime: Robert Thau and Joseph Barrera right here, plus (in other fora) 

Yep -- My past employment at Microsoft and present employment
at Sun are just to confuse people, as I've been an IBM sleeper
since 1956. Outside the house, I wear jeans and (anime) tee-shirts,
but at home I dress the way I feel most comfortable -- white
button-down shirt, and tie.

> IMO, McBride et al should be offered a few years to cool off in Club Fed.

Hopefully the SEC will see to that.

- Joe

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