NYTimes.com Article: Experts Attempt to Isolate Malicious Computer Program

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Fri Aug 22 19:19:11 PDT 2003

khare at alumni.caltech.edu writes:
> SMTP must die. Long live TP!

Rohit -- 

in fairness, any protocol with 

  1. broken user-agent apps that arbitrarily execute code with *full
  permissions* and no user interaction, and

  2. worse! -- users who will run any executable that's mailed to them by
  some random forged address they've never heard of,

is likely to be just as bad. :(

I mean really.  "Wicked screensaver".   How many virus warnings will
it take before people stop clicking on these things?

(220 megs of SoBig.F in my virus trap mailbox btw.)


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