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Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Sat Aug 23 11:35:55 PDT 2003

Joe Barrera wrote:
> Often, when I search for a quote to use as a sig,
> I get my own post from FoRK... This time I found
> this lovely rant. I guess I'm more effectively
> medicated these days :-)
> - Joe
> P.S. I would now suggest the three to be
> Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush.

It was popular back then to describe Microsoft's
software development process as a flowergarden approach.
You sprinkle the garden with various seeds and have
them compete for resources and see what grows, weeding
out the failed plantings and harvesting for sale the
good products. 

Back in 1999 according to Cusumano (Harvard Business
School) and Selby's (UC Irvine ICS) "Microsoft 
Secrets", 3,000 of Microsoft's 17,800 employees
were millionaires du to the stocks they own.  They
didn't explicitly say that they owned Microsoft
stock, but it's implied.   

Barry Boehm (DARPA/USC) also taught the "flowergarden" approach
after he visited Microsoft.  

They probably did the same thing you
for the term flower and garden and grabbed whatever TF
came up.   


At least Mao's not on the top 10 worst *living* dictators

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