Brilliantly Stupid

Joe Barrera joebear at
Sat Aug 23 17:27:47 PDT 2003

Why the hell is anything critical -- like power
plants -- connected to the internet?????

I mean, talk about a clue vacuum.

When I worked at Hughes, they had a clue
(perhaps the only clue they had) -- entire buildings
would have no access to the internet, and other
buildings with internet access had no access to
the first set of buildings.

At Microsoft In 1992, there were almost NO connections
to the internet, except for the Xenix mail servers.
Which for all I know could have been using UUCP,
(although I don't think they were). There were a
FEW internet drops in the research group, but there
were VERY strict rules about not having any machine
connected to both the internet and the Microsoft
internet network. Not that that was sufficient,
but at least it showed some thought.

(BTW I think the scarcity of internet connections
was the main reason why Microsoft didn't "get it"
about the internet until it was almost too late.)

A couple folks in the research group were using
web browsers, but I had just sworn off netnews
as a huge time sink, and I viewed web browsers
as more of the same. Plus, without good search
engines, it was hard to find anything interesting.

One thing that amazed me up until I left Microsoft
is that people would email each other executables
that they got from friends outside of Microsoft.
I used to think how easy it would be to inject
a worm into Microsoft that would take advantage
of all the machines with no Administrator passwords,
and then grab domain passwords, and eventually
get access to every God damn thing at Microsoft.

For all I know, it's still possible.

Gotta go -- I just received some email that is

- Joe
We got a bunch of crippled loonies in power
Who wanna treat us to a nuclear shower
I'd give my life for just a gun and an hour
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