XP oh wheeeeeee!

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Sun Aug 24 02:10:02 PDT 2003

On 23 Aug 2003, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

--]The added expense and bother is worth the price.

A cheaper solution, as well as more in line with gov regulations...Boot
from a Knoppix CD. SO far as I can tell its legal for me to do so long as
I knoppix does nto mess up the HDs in any way.

First off, it is near VERBOTEN to bring in home equip to plug into the gov
network. Bad bad policy vodo and you can get your hide tanned for it.

I can do pretty much everything from A Knoppix booted PC EXCEPT for
running Word Or Excel. Yes I can use OpenOffice for reading and writting
but a few projects I currently have are turing WordPErfect maccros systems
into Word 2003, yes I know this is the equiv of being a fluffer but its
all part of the goverments budget cycle. Near the end of thier 3rd qtr all
the depts horde thier cash so projects dry up. Right near the end of the
4th qtr they have to either spend all thier budgeted cash or get a budget
decrees the next year so they spend like there is no tommorow and everyone
gets good projects again.

I got Wine to hum under Knoppix but it takes uberWine($) to get the MS
Officesuite going and thats not something I have done yet. Hopefully a
hacked Knoppix distro will pop up for a good solution.

SO aside from that one thing, Its all golden. I can attach to the network,
get into the shared directories, even hit the printers. When I finaly get
this damn Word project done I will be 100% windows free at work....Until
they decide to outlaw Knoppix..and belive me its only a matter of time.

(It is fun to watch as other folks machines get raped every day by the
"remote" admin tasks our Denver office sets loose every day. Hard drives
are scanned, new programs are paved atop old ones that cause all sorts of
problem, drive mappings change over night..and there I sit humming along.
I wonder if they ever notice my packets comming from an IP thier tasks are
not running on.."is anyone awake up there?":)- If they read fork, hello)

Until then, its slot up the cd and Be Free.

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