Will NASCAR dads keep Bush in office?

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 1 22:13:25 PDT 2003

>No, it is chiefly during military service.

I don't believe that's much the case. There are
far more NASCAR dads who are gung-ho than who
actually served. It IS true that the military
vote right now is pretty solidly Republican,
and again for social reasons. But it's a
somewhat different demographic from the "NASCAR
Dad," though I'd have to think a bit to put my
finger on the difference.

>To exercise a sense of superiority by mocking those not present?

Don't worry, Dave. I mock them where they are
present, also. I posted this article where there
are a couple of "NASCAR dads," and quite a few
ex-military, including one jarhead whom I
previously tweaked because he painted his
sailboat lemon yellow, which caused him in
some pique to tell me it was actually "San Mateo
Wheat," a color name I laughed at. We'll have a
beer over it, when we meet up.

>The O-E Lib is just one of several types of "you".

Yeah, but in this case, you're overlapping the
categories. I'm more a Texas moderate than an
OE liberal. (My fault, in my previous post, for
imputing to the redneck that we all look the
same, to him, which to some rednecks, we do.)

In any case, a Texas moderate agrees with the
redneck that gun control is five out of six in
the dark circle, but doesn't see the point,
personally, in owning a small arsenal. He
drives neither a pickup nor a Volvo. He's glad
Saddam is gone, but isn't convinced that things
are going well in Iraq. And he might just vote
for Dean.

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