UCE stats: 2929/3253 = 90%

Jeffrey Kay jeff at k2.com
Tue Sep 2 17:26:24 PDT 2003

And thus dies e-mail.  Its usefulness is just about at an end ...

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> On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 02:58  PM, Jim Whitehead wrote:
> > I'm receiving, on average, ~350-360 email a day, of which ~325 are 
> > spam. A
> > greater percentage are spam on the weekends.
> >
> > It'll be interesting to see how this changes over time...
> That pretty much agrees with what I posted a while back. I haven 
> noticed that in the last month while the blaster crap has declined to 
> only about 10/day, the commercial spam has definitely increased.
> But... Do-Not-Call has every telemarketer in the country 
> saying "we'll 
> switch to spam, you cannot escape us"... so we expected that.
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