Shuttle end game?

Joe Barrera jsb at
Wed Sep 3 18:58:20 PDT 2003

Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

> Damn -- faqed again.
> Still, having participated in a few "revive the dead design" efforts, 
> it's a non-trivial project even when complete and accurate plans are 
> available.  Standards  and materials change, components go out of 
> production, etc.  Everything would have to be checked, entered into a 
> CAD system, tested, etc.
> Ken
Well, at least we *have* CAD systems now.

Given your experience, would you guess that it would be easiest to:

1. Build a Saturn V but adjusting whereever necessary for modern 
materials, etc?
2. Build a Saturn VI, but using the Saturn V design as a reference;
3. Design and build a Saturn VI from scratch?

- Joe

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