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Sun Sep 7 23:50:43 PDT 2003

On 9/7/03 7:25 PM, "Udhay Shankar N" <udhay at> wrote:
> At 10:35 AM 9/7/03 -0700, James Rogers wrote:
>> Even though the guys that own and operate the networking portion of the
>> business are usually (but not always) in the US, the spammers who push the
>> mail and generate the content (quasi-independent entities) are operating out
>> of countries like Colombia and India, to give to real world examples.
> Can you give me some 'real world' examples of such operations in India? I
> will be happy to assist in shutting them down.

I despise spam like the next guy (this email address gets about 100 per day,
not including the couple hundred virus spams), but there are ethical and
legal considerations that prevent me from talking about this in more than
general terms.  There are major spam operations that are owned, at least in
part, out of India though most of this spam has the appearance of emanating
out of North American networks.

I am keenly interested in a solution to the spam problem, but I also
recognize that the solution will have to be technological for the most part
and the current solutions aren't cutting it.  End user filters are a valid
solution to one half of the problem, but that still wastes a lot of
resources.  Unfortunately, no good commercial solution exists for
transparently sieving rogue email on the level of, say, IX switch fabrics.
The tech to do this would have to be quite clever (no quick hacks here)
because there are complex legal considerations that would have to be danced

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