Blast IT!

Russell Turpin deafbox at
Mon Sep 8 21:28:53 PDT 2003

James Rogers:
>Even though the guys that own and operate the networking portion of the 
>business are usually (but not always) in the US, the spammers who push the 
>mail and generate the content (quasi-independent entities) are operating 
>out of countries like Colombia and India

Sure. But the companies that sell the
mortgages, insurance, debt consolidation,
and auto warranties are in the US, or at
least, some of their assets, agents, and
officers are. And even when the end
business is entirely abroad, as with a
lot of porn, it wants to collect on credit
cards from US banks.

Again, legal mechanisms could put most
spammers out of business, but it has to
chase the money trail, not the bit pipes.
Again, I don't think I want this. But HOW
it could be done, is pretty clear.

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