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James Rogers jamesr at
Mon Sep 8 16:27:18 PDT 2003

Russell Turpin wrote:
> Sure. But the companies that sell the
> mortgages, insurance, debt consolidation,
> and auto warranties are in the US, or at
> least, some of their assets, agents, and
> officers are. And even when the end
> business is entirely abroad, as with a
> lot of porn, it wants to collect on credit
> cards from US banks.

I don't know anything about the money trail, and a lot of this spam looks shady
anyway.  While it might be relatively easy to crack down on this, I strongly
suspect that these same guys could launder their transactions if they aren't

Hell, this is already done for a lot of other shady business areas as a matter
of course.  If it came to this, I have a suspicion that the spammers would start
to look more "mafia" than "used car salesman" as an environmental adaptation.

But like you say, I don't really want to see the government involved in this.
Like with illegal drugs, the market exists because there are lots of customers.
The solution needs to involve effectively managing the negative side effects of
the market rather than trying to eradicate the market.

-James Rogers
 jamesr at

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