Blast IT!

Justin Mason jm-fork at
Mon Sep 8 17:00:58 PDT 2003

James Rogers writes:
> Russell Turpin wrote:
> > Sure. But the companies that sell the
> > mortgages, insurance, debt consolidation,
> > and auto warranties are in the US, or at
> > least, some of their assets, agents, and
> > officers are. And even when the end
> > business is entirely abroad, as with a
> > lot of porn, it wants to collect on credit
> > cards from US banks.
> I don't know anything about the money trail, and a lot of this spam looks shady
> anyway.  While it might be relatively easy to crack down on this, I strongly
> suspect that these same guys could launder their transactions if they aren't
> already.

It would definitely have one side-effect at least -- cracking down on
mortgage spam.   If this article is anything to go by, the spamvertised
companies are a lot bigger and more "legit" than one might think: in this
case, Ameriquest, Quicken Loans, LoanWeb, and Ivy Mortgage.

I would imagine a lot of other spam would run into serious problems
achieving profitability, if the companies whose products are being
spamvertized were to be held liable.


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