Fa Fa Fa Fa Fashion (beep beep)

Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Tue Sep 9 15:02:41 PDT 2003

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 From the Christian Science Monitor: http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/0909/p09s01-coop.htm

 The music and film industries  continue to battle over the need to expand
copyright protection, and to  limit sharing and reuse of prior work. The
fashion industry, driven by  similar market interests, employs a modus
operandi that accepts rather  than rejects derivation and appropriation as
creative tools. [...] While  many people dismiss fashion as trivial and
ephemeral, its economic  importance and cultural influence are enormous.
US apparel sales alone  were $180 billion a few years ago, supporting an
estimated 80,000 garment factories, and fashion is a major force in music,
entertainment, and other  creative sectors. [...]

The Hollywood studios  and major record labels  consider it self-evident
and axiomatic that creativity must be strictly  controlled through
copyright law, lest it be "stolen" and creators forced  out of business.
It is a significant point that creators, especially  individual artists,
need effective, reliable ways to be paid for their  work - and copyright
offers one important vehicle. But the fashion  industry has a deeper faith
in the power of creativity. Despite scant  legal protection, fashion
businesses invest enormous sums in each new  season's creative cycle - and
reap substantial profits year after year.  For virtually all players in
fashion, some form of derivation,  recombination, imitation, revival of
old styles, and outright knockoff is  the norm. Few denounce, let alone
sue, the appropriator for "creative  theft." They're too busy trying to
stay ahead of the competition through  the sheer power of their design and
marketing prowess.

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