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Christopher Herot wrote:

>The law was recently changed to exempt restaurants under 3,750 square feet with no more than six speakers, with a maximum of four speakers per room.  Presumably this does not include the speakers in radios that the patrons bring themselves.
Which law? And is this federal or state law? Seems illconceived at best, 
and downright idiotic at worst. One other question, do you know if the 
space exemption if for only the dining area, or does it also include the 
kitchen, walk-in, offices, etc.?

I wonder how this would apply if the establishment broadcast the music 
so that patrons could optionally bring in their own radios and tune in...?

Wacky world,

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>>It's also noted that some restaurants that play
>>their radio for their enjoyment of their guests
>>also get fined for stealing the already commercially
>>supported intangibles that come out of it.
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