Freedom, care of the US: Iraqis flock to see "blue" films.

Tom tomwhore at
Thu Sep 11 02:29:07 PDT 2003

--]"Just 50 people a day come in for good films. Hundreds come for the
--]'romantic' ones. We must go with the market."

Ah , that sweet sound of market subjugation. 7-11's for the slave-set too
far fetched? Dont you think a Big Gulp would go great with an all day
"Babes Without Burkas" whackathon? Not to mention the cigs, notice the
cigs importance.

Once again folks I send you , fingers and jaws all  a flailing, back to
Paddy Chayefsky's  Network and say all the many and varied verbiage
drenched threads are  sound and fury signifying......well about as much as
a spewed tissue under the seat of an Iraqi theater.

Next comes the backlash, the reformists, the mullahs and purists and Good
Ol US Kids taking shrapnel in the head so the Iraqi populace can rub one
out to some yellowing Vennesa Del Rio flick.

God Bless America..
(why, did it sneeze?)


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