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On 9/10/03 9:53 PM, "Justin Erenkrantz" <jerenkra at> wrote:
> I have no idea what DARPA you've interacted with, but that hasn't been my
> impression of them at all.  In fact, my experience tells me that it's pretty
> much the opposite.  (Apolitical and DARPA in the same sentence!)  -- justin

They seem to get dragged into a lot of political battles, but not because
they are particularly political as an institution.  I believe there is a
three-year term limit on program directors, and they are all selected from
the private sector; this goes a long way toward eliminating a lot of the
bureaucratic baggage and ideological crustiness that tends to infest these
places.  As an organization they tend to be very neutral politically even if
they are often dragged into political arguments in my experience.

DARPA isn't perfect, but over the years I've found them to be among the best
of the myriad of research organizations in the government.  I'm quite sure
they could be better (I do have some criticisms), but compared to most of
the others, they are golden.

I didn't claim they were perfect, just better than most.  Perhaps that is a
low bar.

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