Diebold Inc.

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Sat Sep 13 09:23:11 PDT 2003

Tom wrote:

>Can you imagine if there are mirror copies out there of this stuff? If you
>can please rsvp.
As of just minutes ago, the files were available via a mirror site, 
<http://www.equalccw.com/dieboldtestnotes.html>, but I don't have MS 
Access so I can't do much with the stuff. I did, however, download the 
goodies just so that they don't disappear, and I imagine there are other 
people doing the same. Sometimes when you open something like this up it 
just won't go back in the bag, no matter how hard you try. I _really_ 
hope this story gets picked up by the AP news wire. I get a sick feeling 
in my gut just thinking about the implications. If I had my druthers, 
and assuming that these allegations are correct, Diebold Inc. would be 
dasmantled six ways from Sunday and anyone who knew about the flaws in 
their system would be doing time breakin' big rocks into little rocks.


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